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53BP1 Integrates DNA Repair and p53-Dependent Cell Fate Decisions via Distinct Mechanisms
Martin-Cuella, R., Oliveira, C., Lockstone, E., Snellenberg, S., Grolmusova, N., & Chapman, R. J.

Novel metacognitive problem-solving task for 8- to 11- year- old students
Patel, J.

Bangladesh Network Analysis Final Report (Learning Edition)
Sommerville, P., & Derks, E.

Will You Send Your Daughter to School? Norms, Violence, and Girls’ Education in Uruzgan, Afghanistan
Burde, D., & Khan, J.

Early intervention in psychosis in low‐ and middle‐income countries: a WPA initiative
Singh, P., & Javed, A.

Mobile health for cancer in low to middle income countries: Priorities for research and development
Holeman, I., Evans, J., Kane, D., Grant, L., Pagliari, C., & Weller, D.

Bangladesh HIV/AIDS Communication Challenges and Strategies
Haider, M., Ahmed, N, S., & Jaha, K. N.

Impact of climate change on global malaria distribution
Caminadea, C., Kovatsc, S., Rocklovd, J., Tompkinse, M., Morseb, P, A., Gonzáleze- Colon. J, F., Stenlundd, H., Martensf, P., & LIoydc, J. S.

Innovating the future of medical aid (Article on founder of Berlin-based non-profit aid organization CADUS- Sebastian Jünemann)
Odenthal, F.

Inter Care assists responsible prescribing
Widdowson, J.

Reflect and rehydrate: improving junior doctor wellbeing and promotion of coping skills through peer-led education and support
Zaheen, I., & Shields, A.

The role of a clinical nurse specialist in managing patients with trigeminal neuralgia
Ghiai, A., Mohamed, T., Hussain. M., Hayes, E., & Zakrzewska, M. J.

Adverse effects of exposure to armed conflict on pregnancy: a systematic review
Keasley, J., Blickwedel, J., & Quenby, S.

Measuring Regenerative Vitality:10 principles and measures undergirding systemic economic health (PDF)
Goerner, J. S., Faith, D. B., Fiscus, R, E., & Ulanowicz, A. B.

Is Schizophrenia a Disorder of Consciousness? Experimental and Phenomenological Support for Anomalous Unconscious Processing (PDF)
Giersch, A., & Mishara, L. A.

Thought Insertion as a Self-Disturbance: An Integration of Predictive Coding and Phenomenological Approaches (PDF)
Sterzer, P., Mishara, L. A., Voss, M., & Heinz, A.

Immersive Virtual Environments and Climate Change Engagement (PDF)
Queiroz, M. C. A., Kamarainen, M. A., Preston, D. N., & Leme, D, M.

Can Natural and Virtual Environments Be Used To Promote Improved Human Health and Wellbeing (PDF)
Depledge, M. H., Stone, J. R., & Bird, J. W.

Ecological grief as a mental health response to climate change-related loss (PDF)
Cunsolo, A., & Neville, R. E.

Environmental pollution and risk of psychotic disorders: A review of the science to date (PDF)
Attademo, L., Bernardini, F., Raffaele, G., & Compton, T. M.

Exposure to urban parks improves affect and reduces negativity on Twitter (PDF)
Schwartz, J. A., Dodds, S. P., Jarlath, P.M.,O’Neil-Dunne, C, M. D., & Ricketts, H. T.

Solastalgia: the distress caused by environmental change (PDF)
Albrecht, G., Sartore, M. G., Connor, L., Higginbotham, N., Freeman, S., Kelly, B., Stain, H., Tonna, A., & Pollard, G.

Regenerative Development: The Art and Science of Creating Durably Vibrant Human Networks (PDF)
Goerner, S.

Ecological Presence as a Virtue
Peter, H., & Kahn, R. J.

Complex environmental alterations damages human body defence system: a new bio-systemic way of investigation (PDF)
Ingegnoli, V., & Giglio, E.

Mind the gap: Bridging the two cultures with complex thought (PDF)
Wells, J.

Can Natural and Virtual Environments Be Used To Promote Improved Human Health and Wellbeing (PDF)
Depledge, H. M., Stone, J. R., & Bird, J. W.

William James’ psychology, radical empiricism, and field theory: recent developments (PDF)
Heft, H.

Reviewed Work(s): Perception by Howard Robinson (PDF)
Soteriou, M.

Sustainable systems promote wholeness-extending transformations:The contributions of systems thinking (PDF)
Fath, D. B.

“Seeing Rain”: Integrating phenomenological and Bayesian predictive coding approaches to visual hallucinations and self-disturbances (Ichstörungen) in schizophrenia (PDF)
Kaminskia, J. B., Sterzera, P., & Mishara, L. A.

‘Universal Health Coverage and Environmental Health: An Investigation in Decreasing Communicable and Chronic Disease by Including Environmental Health in UHC’ (PDF)
Bibb, K., & Haider, M.

Determinants and Drivers of Infectious Disease Threat Events in Europe (PDF)
Semenza, C. J., Lindgren, E., Balkanyi, L., Espinosa, L., Almqvist, M., Penttinen, P., & Rocklöv, J.

Reducing NCDs globally: the under-recognised role of environmental risk factors (PDF)
Chowdhury, R., Lawrence, R., Daalen, V. K., Hawkes, S., & Feldmann, J.