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Professor Susan Prescott MD PhD (Founding Director of inVIVO Planetary Health)

Professor Susan Prescott MD PhD is a paediatrician and an internationally acclaimed physician scientist, well known for her cutting-edge research into the early environmental determinants of health and disease. She has a particular focus on immune health, and how this can be enhanced—for all aspects of wellbeing across the life course—through microbial biodiversity, healthy nutrition, stronger relationships with natural environments, and positive emotional assets. She works at highest level of her profession internationally, with over 25 years of research experience. Her early work as an immunologist, published in The Lancet, lead to a paradigm shift in understanding the importance of the early environment in immune programming for the risk of subsequent disease.

She is a passionate advocate for social change and adopting a holistic approach to life. As an artist and award-winning author, she communicates these ideas, not only through the knowledge base of science, but also through the inspiration of art. In finding common ground, she maintains we can work together to address many global problems, recognising the direct connections between personal and planetary health.

With this goal, she leads both local and global efforts towards improving personal and planetary health:
At the international level, she is Founding Director of inVIVO Planetary Health which seeks to improve personal, public and planetary health – as recently articulated in the aclaimed Canmore Declaration: Statement of Principles for Planetary Health. For more, visit the inVIVO website.

At the local level, Susan is a Founding Director of the ORIGINS Project at the Telethon KIDS Institute – a $26 million Federally funded legacy project (in conjunction with the Paul Ramsay Foundation) based at Joondalup Health Campus – examining how the environment influences health throughout life, and how we can improve this. This is a community project with a global vision. It is founded on the principle that planetary change must begin locally, and that each and every community.

She is the Founding President of the multidisciplinary ‘DOHaD’ Society in Australia and New Zealand (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease).

Her interests and expertise are focused around early life risk factors for inflammation as an antecedent (and preventive target) for a broad range of noncommunicable diseases (NCD), with a particular interest in early onset NCDs such as allergy, obesity and mental health. She works at the highest international level of her field, and is a former Director of the World Allergy Organisation (WAO).

A practicing physician at Perth Children’s Hospital and researcher at the Telethon Kids Institute and the University of Western Australia, Susan is involved in a wide variety of activities promoting an idea of holism, in which inclusion is upheld, diversity is celebrated and the notion of all working together to solve our shared global challenges is encouraged.

Susan is an award winning author (a 2018 Gold Medal winner in Independent Publishers Awards) of a number of well-known books including The Allergy Epidemic, Origins: Early Life Solutions to the Modern Health Crisis, The Secret Life of Your Microbiome, and The Calling.

Research Interest:

  • Planetary Health
  • Immunology
  • NCDs

You can contact Susan Prescott at